• Record and Track

    courthouse_s.jpgCJTS records and tracks all entries associated with a case. From a “call for service” to every fine assessed and payment made. CJTS will track and record all facets of the legal process.
  • Forms

    tickets_s.jpgCJTS generates the forms necessary with every step of the legal process. Affidavits, Subpoenas, Mittimus, Capias, Time Payment Orders, and more. Reports are a breeze, Arrests, Offenses, UCR and more are easy to generate.
  • Court Rulings

    judge_s.jpgThe Court does rule and CJTS generates necessary resource documentation for the Judge to fully adjudicate the case and facilitate the documents for court fines and assessments to the complete settlement.
  • Serve and Protect


    Police serve and protect our communities. CJTS serves the police department with comprehensive capabilities for streamlining the workload for your officers and support staff.

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Automation Designs and Solutions 

Teaming with technology around the world to bring better solutions for you.

Criminal Justice Software Solutions

Management of information and records are crucial to our Courts and Law Enforcement agencies. For over 19 years, Automation Designs and Solutions, Inc.  (AD&S) has been dedicated to bringing software solutions to these governmental and law enforcement agencies with our Criminal Justice Tracking System (CJTS) software.

CJTS provides the way to input, track and manage all facets of the law enforcement and the municipal court systems.  No municipality is too large or too small for the capabilities CJTS has to offer.  From a single workstation to a network of multi-users the technology and features CJTS provides eliminates duplication of work and offers a seamless workflow from the beginning to the end of the law enforcement and judicial processes.

Let’s look at some of the features CJTS has to offer.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of CJTS for yourself, or need additional information or assistance, please contact us.

Fingerprint Submission and Criminal History Records Check Solutions

inVize ID  developed by i3, provides a low cost, high quality solution to the problem of delivering your fingerprints to your State's Criminal Information Center and subsequently to the FBI for a fingerprint submission and background check. It’s all possible with an inexpensive desktop scanner or a live scan and the inVize ID software.  inVize ID software is fully compliant with all ANSI/NIST requirements and has been certified by the FBI.

For further information please contact our sales and marketing staff.



You booking process just got easier with the CJTS Mugshot feature. Mugshots are taken with any digital camera that has a USB connection to your computer. Upload multiple images on each person. Utilize the search and line up function within the system to find your suspect.


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