The design of CJTS is such that a police department can effectively customize the System to their daily operations.  For instance, the department might choose to record all calls or contacts to the police department utilizing “Calls for Service.”

This simply gets the record started when the dispatcher enters the call, the time of the call, and related information,  From there this information can be seamlessly transferred into an Offense Report, and ultimately become the source document for an arrest and disposition through the court.

Should this be the “customization” chosen by the department, then when the appropriate officer comes in, he can pull the information into his report by simply going to “Offenses” and adding an offense “from a service call” as illustrated below:


Likewise, when an officer or clerk is entering an arrest, the case # and/or the warrant can be associated.


When appropriate arrest data has been completed into the record, the court can then automatically populate the Court Docket with all related data, automatically assign all related fines and assessments, enter the court disposition, and set up accounting records relating to payment.

For each officer, a report may be generated from the Court Module reflecting activities of each officer for any time period on all cases disposed of through the Court.

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