Notice on the bottom row an icon titled, “Maintenance.”  Click on this icon to prepare for setup.  You will see the following screen:


Notice, again, that on this screen appears THREE TABS:

Law Enforcement                           Court                        General

Thus, under the Law Enforcement Tab, you will first set your Police Department “Fiscal” year.  If this is 2007, then you should enter “07” in the space provided at the top of the screen. Double click on the left corner of that space and enter the year.

Next you will see the “Court” Tab which relates only to the Court.

Thirdly, you will click on the “General” Tab.  You will see the following screen:


Several areas of interest to the Police Department appear here.

Refresh Counters:                  Used in technical support when a problem occurs

Delete Invalid Case Nos:        Often invalid manual numbers are put in which makes the case numbers greater than they should be

Backup Database:                  Utilized each time new data is added

Restore Database:                  Restores from last backup (Use with caution!!!!)

e-Citation transfer:                To transfer tickets electronically to MHSP (if you have purchased this feature)

nCourt transfer:                     To transfer tickets to a website where offenders can pay with a credit card (if you purchased this feature)

Once you have finished at the Maintenance Section, close the screen by clicking the “Close” button on the bottom right-hand of the screen.  This action will bring you back to the Main Screen.

Now you are ready to select the 3rd Tab at the Top, entitled, “General” for the purpose of  completing initial set up of your system.

The first icon that appears is “Persons” where you can add new persons or search for persons already in your database.


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