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Can CJTS just be used for a Police Department or a Municipal Court?
Although the records management system is best optimized if both the Law Enforcement and Court modules are used in the municipality.  The components in the software can be utilized by just the Law Enforcement department or just the Court.   Drug Investigative Divisions, Sheriff's Offices, and DEA can utilize the features CJTS offers to manage their investigations.  Our software is scalable, installation is easy and the software is user friendly.

Can CJTS be used in small towns and large cities?
Yes.  From a single user in a small community to a multi-user network in a large city, CJTS can manage your files.

Does CJTS have Mugshots or e-Citation features?
You bet it does!  e-Citation files can be exported to the MS Highway Patrol from the ticket or the docket and our mugshot feature has search features that make it desirable for line-up searches.

Can tickets in CJTS be paid online?
Yes.  CJTS now has nCourt which is an online service that allows violators the ability to pay their fines and assessments on a secure website set up in the name of your city.  This free service helps reduce the number of telephone calls and visits to the court associated with the payment of fines.

Can CJTS restrict the user's ability to record access and data entry?
Yes.  CJTS can limit the user's rights to access and enter data within the software.  This allows those that need to view information, but not edit or create new items to do so.

What about the accounting of the fines collected?
We've got that covered too.  Detailed reports are available in CJTS to keep track of the fines and assessments collected by the Court.  CJTS makes your daily and monthly accounting reports a breeze by tracking the total fine types collected so remittance to the State, County and municipality is as simple as a click of a button.

What about the monthly report to the State Auditor?
CJTS has this feature too.  As you post your payments, CJTS tracks the assessments that are paid and generates your Monthly State Auditor's report.

Can CJTS prepare the UCR statistical report for the FBI?
It sure can.  Keeping track of the types of offenses reported, the demographics of the offender, the value and types of property stolen and recovered CJTS can output a report with any date parameters.

What kind of computer do I need to run CJTS?
Minimum computer specifications:  P4, 2GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive, Windows  2000, Windows XP.

How does AD&S support CJTS clients?
Both telephone and internet on-line support is available to CJTS users, Monday thru Friday.   After hour support is available with advance notification.

How can I find out more about CJTS? Contact us at (601) 992-4121 ext. 206 or email: 
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